Combination Keno Pro 5.3


Combination Keno Pro 5.3

Combination Keno Pro is a Keno analysis tool for Windows
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Combination Keno Pro is a Keno analysis tool for Windows. Keno is a gambling game similar to Bingo. There are 80 balls, numbered from 1 through 80. Each player selects 20 numbers. Players are paid according to how many numbers on their play tables match the 20 numbers drawn. Combination Keno Pro lets you calculate the probability of winning in a Keno game.

The application lets you select your numbers and then it can analyse your play to determine the probability of getting each number right. I don't understand the mechanics used to calculate that, though.

In the interface, the Keno card goes in the middle, and you can click on the numbers to select them. You can only select 20. Once you have done that, there are a few features that you can access below the card. There is an analysis tool that will show you a summary of the game analysis, along with expected returns, cost per spot per Keno ticket, cumulative winnings, etc.

Another interesting feature is the Keno Ticket wizard. This tool lets you create keno tickets by selecting a ticket type. Some of the available options are Boxes top (vertical bottom), all boxes, all vertical, and a random draw called "The Road Map".

If you are a serious player of Keno, I guess it wouldn't hurt to give this app a try. You can download and try it for free.

If you are running an older version of Windows, like Windows XP, you will have to download and install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4. It is a 39-megabyte download and it takes a few minutes to install.

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